Eye drops, solution



3 mg sodium carmellose in 1 ml solution.


Polysorbate 80, hydroxypropyl betadex, alpha-tocopheryl acetate-vitamin E, sodium chloride, macrogolglycerol hydroxystearate, vitamin A, borax, disodium edetate, benzalkonium chloride, water for injection.

Pharmacological Properties:

SENSIVIT® is a product with a softening and moisturizing effect. It stabilizes all three layers of tears (tear film) on the surface of the eye. SENSIVIT® contains carmellose sodium, which, due to its properties, forms a temporary protective layer on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva and thus provides the necessary moisturizing effect. In this way, SENSIVIT® stabilizes the aqueous part of tears. It contains vitamin A, which contributes to the formation of the inner mucous part of the tear duct. Together with vitamin E, it improves nutrition of the cornea and conjunctivitis. The substances included in the product also contribute to the outer (lipid) part of the tear duct. Thus, it prevents tears from drying quickly on the surface of the eye. In this way, the thin layer of tears on the surface of the eye is strengthened or changed in all three layers. Therefore, the protective effect of tears is significantly improved.


SENSIVIT® is used to treat insufficient tear production and all forms of dry eye as recommended by a physician. SENSIVIT® can be used in situations where a protective moisturizing layer is needed on the cornea and conjunctiva.


If you do not have a specific prescription from an ophthalmologist, usually use 1 drop 1-3 times a day in the conjunctiva area. In children, the dose is determined individually by an ophthalmologist. The product is used in adults, young people and children over 2 years old.

Instructions for use:


If you use other eye drops at the same time, then SENSIVIT® product should be used last and at least 5 minutes after using the above eye solution. You should tell your ophthalmologist about all the medicines you are taking, have recently taken, or plan to take, prescription or over-the-counter. If you use any eye products, consult your ophthalmologist about the compatibility of joint use.


Instructions for use:

The drug is used only for eyes.

Remove the protective head cover; The patient should tilt his head back slightly, and instill the prescribed number of drops into the lower conjunctivitis bag by holding the plastic bottle. Avoid direct contact of the dropper with the eye or eyelid. Finally, close the cap tightly to avoid contamination. The bottle is kept in a vertical position.

It is forbidden to use products after the expiration date indicated on the lid. The opened medicine can be used for 28 days.


Do not use:

The use of SENSIVIT® products is prohibited in case of hypersensitivity of the eye to the active substance or any other auxiliary means of the product. It is not allowed to use it during pregnancy and lactation. It is also not used in children under 2 years of age.

Side effects:

Rarely, it may cause a temporary burning sensation, as well as allergic reactions, immediately after use. Consult an ophthalmologist immediately if any of the above-mentioned side effects or other unusual reactions occurs.


Unfocused vision may occur shortly after using the product, so it is not recommended to drive or work at heights after approximately 20 minutes of using the product.

Do not use soft contact lenses immediately after using the product. Before ingesting the product, the cool lens should be removed and inserted only 20 minutes after taking the medicine.

In the case of the prescribed dose, it is forbidden to use an excessive dose.

In case of accidental use of the product by a child, consult a doctor.

Storage method:

Store at 25°C. Do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children.


1 x 10 ml

It is issued without a prescription.

Manufacturer: UNIMEDPHARMA Ltd., Bratislava, Slovak Republic