UBICAR syrop

Ubicar capsules #30



10 ml. Contains:

L-carnitine ………. 500 mg.

Coenzyme Q-10 …….. 30 mg.

Pharmacological properties:

L-carnitine belongs to vitamin-like substances (Vit. Vt – “growth vitamin”); It has an anabolic and antioxidant effect, L-carnitine transports long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondrial membrane, promotes the entry of CoA into the cell. L-carnitine helps to reduce excess body weight and reduces the accumulation of fat in the muscles. It increases the secretion of juices of the digestive system (stomach and intestine) and improves their enzyme activity, improves the digestion process;

Coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone) is an endogenous vitamin-like substance that is synthesized in the liver; It participates in ATP synthesis in mitochondria; Coenzyme Q-10 has an antioxidant effect. Coenzyme Q-10 reduces the concentration of low-density lipoproteins, triglycerides in the blood. It enhances the activity of enzymes in the body. Coenzyme Q-10 by stimulating the synthesis of lecithin improves the function of the liver and kidneys, prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder. Coenzyme Q-10 helps stimulate the synthesis of acetylcholine and activates cholinergic processes in the brain. Coenzyme Q-10 normalizes blood pressure, provides energy to the heart muscle – protects the myocardium from the development of heart attacks. Coenzyme Q-10 helps burn fat, reduces body weight. L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 in combination enhance each other’s action.

Pharmacological action:

Ubicar eliminates carnitine deficiency in patients with its deficiency and on dialysis. Ubicar increases the contractile function of the myocardium and striated muscles, increases tolerance to physical exertion. Improves external breathing. Regulates the level of glucose in the blood. Ubicar enriches adipose tissue with oxygen, which leads to stimulation of fat burning, reduces fat content in tissues and causes weight loss in obese patients. Stimulates the metabolic processes in the brain, increases the ability to learn, increases mental and physical abilities. Ubicar improves the physical development of premature and weak children.


  • Primary and secondary deficiency of carnitine;
  • Asphyxia of newborns, childbirth injuries;
  • Hypotrophy and hypotonia of newborns;
  • Premature newborns on parenteral nutrition;
  • Children and adults on hemodialysis; retardation in physical and mental development in children; weight loss; anorexia;
  • Brain blood circulation disorder, traumatic encephalopathy, dementia, alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism;
  • Hypoacid gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis and fatty dystrophy;
  • Diabetes mellitus; thyrotoxicosis; obesity; – long-term use of glucocorticoids and statins;
  • Post-operative rehabilitation period, to increase physical strength in weakened patients;
  • Muscular dystrophies;
  • Anemia;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • In sports medicine to increase load tolerance during intensive exercises.

Dosage and method of administration:

10 ml. 1-3 times a day.

Shake the bottle before use. The syrup may change color.


Individual intolerance to the components included in the drug.

Side effects:

Taking Ubicar is not characterized by side effects.


There is no indication of any cure.

Storage method:

The drug is stored in a dry, cool place, inaccessible to children, at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.


Release form: Syrup 100 ml.

Method of dispensing from the pharmacy: dispensed without a prescription.

Manufacturer: Honor Ilac Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti. Ankara/Turkey