One tablet contains:

Calcium carbonate ……………….. 295 mg

Fennel seed extract ………………. 150 mg.

Calves stem and flower extract .. 65 mg.

Marigold flower extract …………. 15 mg.

Vitamin D ………………………………7,5 mcg.

Pharmacological properties:

Fennel has galactogenic properties in addition to gas-relieving and spasmolytic action. Its use increases the production of milk in gilts. It improves the blood circulation in the mammary glands and its trophism, thereby manifesting its galactopoietin effect in lactating women. It not only increases the amount of milk, but also improves its quality.

Marigold flower extract contains 20% lutein. Lutein protects the child’s vision organ from damage, has strong antioxidant properties, the only source of lutein for newborns is breast milk, because lutein is included only in fresh vegetables, which are not in the diet of newborns.

Calcium and vitamin D contribute to the formation and development of bones and teeth. The child receives calcium from mother’s milk during breastfeeding. If the mother’s body suffers from calcium deficiency, then osteoporosis develops. Taking calcium and vitamin D during breastfeeding eliminates the possibility of their deficiency, the risk of developing bone demineralization and helps to strengthen the bone system of the nursing mother.


Means to improve lactation.


Take one tablet 1 time a day before meals.


Contraindications: increased sensitivity to the components included in the drug.

side effects:

No side effects have been observed when using the product.


The recommended daily dose cannot be exceeded. Food supplements cannot be used during a diet, in exchange for a varied diet.

Storage method:

Store in a dry, cool place, away from heat sources. The shelf life is indicated on the box.


Release form: tablet No. 30

Does not contain gluten, lactose and glucose. Food additive.

Manufacturer: Erbozeta S.p.A.  Republic of San Marino